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The Pitts System

The Pitts System is a new innovative approach to traditional orthodontic treatment. Although it may look like your run-of-the-mill steel orthodontic braces, these braces are anything but. Updated with modern technology, the Pitts System is designed to be less invasive, more comfortable, and ensure faster results! Designed by Dr. Thomas Pitts, this system can only be applied and practiced by orthodontists who trained to use this method. Dr. Bedoya of Doctor Smiles Orthodontists is one of a small number of elite orthodontists that is certified to practice this method and is the only orthodontist to offer this service in Tucson, AZ.

What Sets The Pitts System Apart
One of the unique traits that the Pitts System possesses that conventional braces don’t is better torque control. This characteristic makes the movement of teeth easier. The design of these new orthodontic brackets allows for your orthodontist to move and rotate your teeth more precisely. The user can expect quicker results because better precision lets your orthodontist control exactly where you want your teeth to go and, because of this, you will have fewer visits. Results have shown approximately four months shaved off the normal amount of time it would take to reach the perfect smile if you were to use traditional braces.

Another great feature of the Pitts System is the encouragement of not removing any of your teeth. Your orthodontist does not want to remove any teeth because this can cause dark corners in your mouth, which gives the appearance of a smaller smile. Keeping all your teeth will result in a fuller, more beautiful smile. This is achieved by using a technique called the Active Early approach; this method works by making adjustments to your teeth and gums before placing the brackets onto your teeth.

Your orthodontist will optimize the starting place of your orthodontic treatment by shaping your teeth and contouring your gums. Your teeth will be smoothed out using a white stone and black rubber tip tool. Your gum line will be contoured using diode lasers. These small cosmetic changes help your orthodontist’s ability to choose the optimal placement of your braces’ brackets. When using the Pitts System, your orthodontist does not necessarily place the brackets at the center of the tooth—instead, each bracket will be placed where the torque will have most effect on the movement of the tooth, therefore promising faster results.

Contact Your Tucson, AZ Pitts System Orthodontist Specialist
If you’re interested in having an enhanced smile in a fraction of the usual time, please visit Dr. Bedoya our friendly team at our Tucson location to receive the superior Pitts System orthodontic treatment. Still have questions? Call our offices at 520.571.1756 or go online and schedule an appointment.

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