iTero Scanner

Advanced Technology from Dr. Marisela Bedoya

Dr. Marisela Bedoya and her team are committed to staying abreast with the latest technological developments in the world of orthodontics. This is why they are now one of four practices in Tucson offering the revolutionary iTero Scanner.

What is iTero?

The iTero Scanner is a new technology allowing orthodontists to take 3D images of patients’ mouths without the use of messy impressions. The process is extremely interactive, and allows the patient to view the image of their teeth on a nearby screen. The iTero Scanner is perfect for sending exact measurements off to create custom-fit Invisalign aligners, and is ideal for recognizing orthodontic issues that need correcting.

What are the Benefits of Using iTero?

  • Accuracy - the iTero scanner virtually eliminates the need to redo impressions due to the precision and accuracy of the 3D image
  • Increased Comfort - no more gagging, messy impressions, or discomfort at the orthodontist’s office
  • Speed - shorter appointment times, which means more time for you to do as you please!
  • Reduced Anxiety - less time spent in the orthodontic chair means decreased anxiety. Relax, you are in good hands!
  • Better Fitting Aligners - with more precise impressions using iTero, your Invisalign and Invisalign Teen aligners will fit much better and provide optimal results

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Dr. Bedoya is happy to discuss the additional benefits of using the iTero scanner with you. Schedule your consultation by calling us at 520-571-1756 today or if you’re in the area, swing by our Tucson orthodontic office at 801 N. Wilmot Rd., Suite A-1. We hope to see you soon!