At Doctor Smiles Orthodontics, our goal is to help you achieve the straighter, more confident smile you've always wanted while providing you with a great experience along the way. We are dedicated to making sure you receive the best care at every turn. To find out what some of our patients are saying about their time with the talented orthodontist and staff of our Tucson office, continue below. And please leave your own review today by clicking here:


Alexia G. (Patient)
"Here, at Dr. Bedoya’s, it’s awesome! The staff is always gentle with my mouth, especially Dr. Bedoya. They’re always nice, and always give me tips on how to brush my teeth so I don’t get cavities. At first I was scared to go to the orthodontist, but now I always look forward to my appointments. Plus, they never take me in late."

Rudy C. (Patient)
"Dr. Smiles is a real good clinic. Me and my sister love it. We’ve been treated good."

Alysandra B. (Patient)
"The office is great. It has lots of room and its never crowded. Visitors always have a place to sit. The set-up is really nice. It’s very bright and it reminds me of a space ship where the staff sit. The staff is really great to. They are always respectful and courteous to me and others. They teach me how to do things to keep my teeth clean and healthy. When I first got my braces they were very gentle with my teeth and they told me what each of the instruments did and my teeth were straight in no time. The doctor is very gentle and talkative. She asks you if anything feels wrong and my answer is always, “it feels perfect!” So that is just a brief description of this wonderful doctor’s office."

Christy V. (Parent)
"The office of Dr. Bedoya in Tucson is the best place in town for orthodontic care! Dr. Bedoya excels in knowledge and understanding! My son came to her with crowded and crooked teeth and after just a short time in braces, his smile is better and brighter and his teeth are straightening! Her office and support staff is kind and courteous and have been perfectly patient with the busy toddler I often drag to appointments. We have been more than pleased with the timely manner in which they are able to accomplish each of my son’s appointments, when we set an appointment for 4:00 pm, he is actually called back at 4:00 pm!! And they have been wonderfully understanding with the finances of a large family and have put us on a generous payment plan – interest free! I highly, and with great confidence, recommend Doctor Smiles Orthodontics!!"

Katrina G.(Patient)
"The staff here is really nice and very friendly. They know what they’re doing when it comes to their job. If I had to rate them, I’d give them a 10 out of 10! Great job."

Reina S. (Patient)
"The moment I walked into the office, the staff was smiling and was very welcoming. The service was incredible. I can’t wait until my next visit."

Maggie O. (Parent)
"Dr. Bedoya is fantastic!! I am very happy with her and her super staff. I have another child who will need braces and Dr. Smiles will definitely get my business."

Kris H. (Parent)
"The office staff is very pleasant, great friendly environment and very fun office! Dr. Bedoya is very personable and my daughter loves going to see her. Very happy with our choices and availability of appointments. Great experience! Thanks very much."

Shelly M. (Parent)
"Dr. Marisela Bedoya is a good orthodontist and very nice. The staff is very nice and good at what they do."

Celia E. (Patient)
"The employees at Doctor Smiles are very helpful and so nice. Dr. Bedoya works well with your needs. All are so helpful and the place is so clean."

Francisca S.(Parent)
"Keep up the great work. Very helpful when we needed the help. Thanks. The employees are wonderful."

Jacob B. (Patient)
"This is the best experience of orthodontic care we have had. The staff is awesome, very friendly and helpful. Dr. Bedoya is awesomely wonderful. Thank you staff and doctor."

Alejandra V. (Patient)
"Doctor Smiles is awesome. You guys have really nice, friendly and outgoing staff. So far, I like it here."

Jessica S.(Patient and Parent )
"All the staff at Dr. Smiles has been very friendly and always pleasant when we come in for our appointments! Always quick to help us! Thanks Dr. Smiles!"

Mike H.(Parent)
"Dr. Bedoya, you and staff is just totally outstanding! They are always 100% in all their work they do, from your kind receptionist to your techs in the back. They are very nice to my daughter and always show her that they care about her. Doc Bedoya, you’re just awesome! I certainly recommend you and your office to anyone I here that is in need of your expertise. Thank you and God bless you!"

Alisha S.(Patient)
"I enjoy coming to your office. Everyone is very nice. Thank you"

Artemia S. (Parent)
"Nancy is very excited when she knows she is going to see Dr. Bedoya. Nancy loves her braces and pink rubber bands. I like to see how her teeth are moving to the right place."

Ines S.(Parent)
"The staff at Dr. Smiles is amazing, always so friendly and helpful. The staff makes us feel welcome always. We would highly recommend Dr. Smiles to friends and family. Thank you."

Yvette A. (Patient)
"I love this place. They make me feel like family. I’m happy that my braces will be removed and I can smile with confidence."

Ismael M. (Patient)
"Dr. Bedoya and staff have given great service. Always greet with a “smile.” I would recommend to everyone."

Elizabeth F.(Parent)
"We love Dr. Smiles. Affordable, great payment plans, excellent customer service and incentive programs. Thank you for the flexible hours!"

Ashely H. (Parent)
"The staff here are really friendly and with wearing braces for 3 years, my teeth look amazing. Thank you Dr. Smiles."

Valerie A.(Patient)
"I have been coming to Dr. Bedoya for about 2 months now and have had a positive experience each time. The staff is incredibly welcoming when I walk in. And I am seen very promptly after my arrival. They work efficiently and effectively by getting their patients in and out of the chair in a timely fashion. I am very happy with this orthodontic office. I would also like to add when I first came here, my financial plan was disclosed to me very clearly and furthermore, offered me various realistic options. I highly recommend Dr. Smiles (Dr. Bedoya) and her team."

Anna E. (Patient)
"I love the staff. All the assistants are wonderful. Every appointment I attend I’m treated like family. They are the best!!!"

Stacey B.(Patient and Parent)
"I found Dr. Smiles in 1993 when I needed braces. Even then, I found the staff to be caring and attentive and I couldn’t have been happier with my experience. My experience here is what brought me back when it was time for my children to get braces and we haven’t been disappointed! My daughter’s smile is beautiful and my son is just beginning his journey and he couldn’t be more thrilled. Thank you Dr. Bedoya and your staff for your interest in my kiddos and the magic you work!"

Anasofia Z. (Patient)
"Doctor Smiles always asks if my braces hurt or if I have been having problems with my braces. Always agree with the color I choose, never say it is too dull or too bright. Also, if I wear my Doctor Smiles shirt for three appointments I get a purple chip which goes towards prizes such as movie tickets. I do have to say that everybody who works there is amazing. Wait, there is more, my teeth are looking fantastic and straight. Thank you Doctor Smiles."

Ana Z.(Patinet and Parent)
"I would recommend Dr. Bedoya to everyone. Her and her staff have been fantastic with me and my daughter. The office is always so clean and I love that they make you feel like family as soon as you walk through the door and even on the phone. Excellent customer service. I love that they all know our names and that Dr. Bedoya takes care of us personally checking to the work that has been done on us each time we have our appointment"

Kerry E. (Parent)
"Wonderful staff and service. Very accommodating and helpful very time! Thank you to everyone at Dr. Smiles!"

Deanna J. (Parent)
"The employees are always nice and friendly Always a pleasure walking through the door and just as good walking out."

Maxwell H. (Patient)
"The orthodontist here is nice. They help fix your teeth, giving you a healthy smile. At Doctor Smiles the waiting room has a TV. They have prizes you can win."

Erica G.(Patient)
"I thank you for your consideration and patience. My self-confidence has been restored, as I now can smile with pride and not be embarrassed. Also, thanks for being so kind and awesome"

Alexander T.(Patient)
"Dear Dr. Bedoya, I think that Doctor Smiles is amazing!! I love everyone here! Everyone is very nice."

Marlee B.(Patient)
"I think Dr. Smiles is an amazing place to get braces. I love how the staff here is so nice and friendly. I feel welcomed every time I come. Thanks for everything. I love you."

Matthew C. (Patient)
"Dr. Bedoya is very nice and so is everybody in the office. The office very nice looking. I like having computers to use. Thank you."

Dulce U.(Patient)
"Since day one the staff has been very kind. Any question we have they are there to answer. The place always looks nice and clean. They provide very good service and they greet with smiles. It really makes me feel welcomed. I enjoy coming because even if we don’t know the employees well, they make us feel like we’ve known each other since always, especially the Dr. I’m glad I came here my braces"

Anna C.(Parent)
"Just wanted to say that we are so happy with Doctor Smiles! The office personnel is always very nice and pleasant to talk with. Dr. Bedoya was very understanding to my daughter’s needs and made us feel comfortable with our decisions to get my daughter’s teeth on track! We were very pleased with everything this office and Dr. Bedoya has presented to us, therefore when my brother needed to get braces for his son, Miguel, I highly recommended Doctor Smiles."

Mariana E.(Patient)
"Always fast, friendly and not painful! The staff is all nice and I enjoy my visits!"

Margaret E. (Patient)
"Doctor Smiles is very enjoyable. I enjoyed the waiting room and picking colors. Very fast checkups. The staff is also very friendly and nice."

Lindi S.(Parent)
"Dr. Smiles has been a wonderful experience. She and her staff have a gentle approach and have always understood my concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Smiles for all of your orthodontic needs."

Michele L. (Patient)
"Dr. Bedoya and the Dr. Smiles staff have been nothing but kind and professional. When no other orthodontic specialist would address my issues, Dr. Bedoya provided a game plan and executed! I am thrilled that I was able to find Dr. Smiles and obtain the corrections I sought. Thank you, each and every one of you!"

Thomas D.(Parent)
"First of all, the customer service is beyond belief. I have been treated as though I am part of the family. The promptness and timing are greatest. Working relations with patrons are outstanding. Dr. Bedoya has been an angel to take care of Krystal. Don’t ever change. You have truly blessed Krystal and myself. God bless you and your staff."

Ruben S.(Patient)
"I love your friendly staff, expecially how we’ve been greeted by your front desk. You make us feel at home. Thanks for all the patience and time you took to make this journey of “Braces.”"

Leslie P.(Patient)
"I like the personal attention that you get and how they answer all the questions that you may have. Plus, I always have a very quick visit that doesn’t take much time. I also like that there is always a time afterschool so that I don’t have to miss any class time."

Yaxza D.
"I like the office because it’s always clean. Me and my mom like the staff because they are nice and pleasant."

Susana V. (Parent)
"We love this office. The staff is amazing and always helpful. We recommend you to become a patient. Dr. Bedoya has made my daughter feel good about her smile and getting braces."

Aysha S.(Patient)
"Usually when people think of dentists they say, “Oh, no!” But Doctor Smiles makes me feel comfortable and well taken care of. The people that work there are so nice and I’m always up to having another appointment. Also, my teeth look great! I am no longer scared to smile, and all thanks to the amazing Doctor Smiles Orthodontics."

Gordon C. (Patient)
"Here at Doctor Smiles, I feel welcomed. Every time I come in here, the front desk staff is always very nice. I go back for my appointment almost immediately every time I come. The assistants are always very friendly and let me know what they are doing. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for an orthodontist. Doctor Smiles is great!"

Hannah J. (Patient)
"My first visit to Dr. Smiles made me feel really welcomed. The staff was really nice and made sure I felt comfortable in a time of discomfort. For the first time in two years I feel like I’m making progress with my teeth. I will definitely choose Dr. Smiles for my orthodontic treatment!"

Angelica F. (Patient)
"What I like about Dr. Smiles is how colorful it is, other places are dull. What I like about the staff is they’re not just happy about working; they’re also really good at their jobs. I enjoy coming and I’m very happy that my mom chose it here because I’ll be coming for the next 2 years."

Jazmin M. (Patient)
"I think the staff that work here are amazing and friendly. They always greet you when you walk in and always make you feel welcome. I love how the office is always decorated with the seasons/holidays, and how they have a TV and books so you won’t get bored."

Nicole G. (Patient)
"Every time I come into the office I am greeted with a smile. Dr. Bedoya is very nice to me, including the staff. I always look forward to my next appointment"

Rudy B.(Patient)
"I’m so happy with this clinic. I only have good things to say about everybody."

Miranda E.(Patient)
"Doctor Smiles is a very good place. All of my sisters got braces from here. Everyone is so welcoming and nice. I like it here a lot. They take good care of you and try their hardest no to hurt you. It is also nice that sometimes they have food for holidays. They have a TV, computer, toy set, and chances to win stuff. Therefore, I would recommend Doctor Smiles to anyone who asks me."

Ahlan T. (Patient)
"Very nice staff. Very good at explaining when I ask questions. Very happy and cheerful environment."