At Doctor Smiles Orthodontics, we understand that you may have questions and concerns about treatment like braces or Invisalign that you might not have found the answer to within our website. That’s why we have conveniently provided an FAQ that extensively covers various aspects of orthodontic treatment. Simply click on any of the questions to be taken to the answer further down the page. Or, you can scroll to read each question and answer in order. Read below to learn more!


Q: Is it required that my family dentist schedule my appointment with the orthodontist?

A: No, it is not. While many of our patients are referred by their family dentists, we also receive patients that take the initiative to find us and schedule an appointment on their own.

Q: At what age should I schedule an appointment for an orthodontic screening?

A: The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children receive an orthodontic screening by age 7. We know this seems early, but age 7 is when most of a child’s permanent teeth have erupted. This allows us to effectively evaluate your orthodontic condition and diagnose any underlying problems before they become a major issue later on.

Q: Will my teeth straighten out as they grow?

A: Unfortunately, no, they will not. Though your teeth grow as you get older, the space available for them in your mouth does not. In most people, after the permanent molars erupt, space available for front teeth actually decreases with age. This is why orthodontic treatment is necessary for straightening your teeth.

Q: How do I schedule an appointment for an initial exam?

A: Scheduling an appointment is easy! If you believe that you or your child can benefit from orthodontic treatment, simply give us a call, send us an email, and we will happily schedule an appointment for you. Alternatively, you can fill out our appointment request form online.

Q: What will happen at the initial examination appointment?

A: When you arrive for your appointment, our friendly staff will acclimate you to the office and prepare you for your exam. We will take the necessary photographs and X-rays to help us properly diagnose you. Dr. Bedoya will then complete a brief, but thorough exam.

Q: What will I learn from the initial examination?

A: During the initial examination, we will cover five essential objectives:

  • Checking for and correctly diagnosing any orthodontic problems
  • Deciding what must be done to correct the problem
  • Seeing if any teeth need to be removed
  • Estimating the amount of time needed to complete treatment
  • Figuring out how much treatment will cost

Q: Will I need to have teeth extracted for braces?

A: Straight teeth and a balanced facial profile are the goal of orthodontics. To achieve these results, we may have to remove teeth. However, due to advanced new orthodontic technology, tooth extraction may not even be necessary. You will find out if teeth need to be removed during your initial exam.

Q: How long will it take to complete treatment?

A: In general, treatment lasts anywhere from 12 to 30 months, with average time with braces being 22 months. However, treatment time obviously depends on each patient’s individual orthodontic problems and needs.

Q: How much will braces cost? Are financing options available? How does my insurance work?

A: Please know that it is impossible to give an exact cost until you have been examined. We will cover cost and review financial options with you during your initial examination. We will also go over your insurance policy and help you maximize your benefit and file your claim.

Q: How often will I have appointments?

A: While most patients with braces are seen every 5 to 10 weeks, appointments are always scheduled according to each patient’s individual needs.

Q: Do braces hurt?

A: After certain visits, your teeth may be sore for a few days. But the longer you wear braces, the less they will hurt! To ease the discomfort we recommend over-the-counter medication such as Advil or Tylenol.

Q: Can I still play sports?

A: Yes! As long as you wear a mouth guard to protect your braces, any kind of physical activity can be performed.

Q: Do I need to see my family dentist while in braces?

A: Yes! Make sure to keep up your regular checkups with your family dentist while wearing braces.

Q: Can orthodontic correction occur while a child has baby teeth?

A: Yes. Some orthodontic problems are significant enough to require early intervention. However, we realize that some young patients may not be ready for treatment. If that is the case, we will follow that patient’s growth and development until the time is right to begin orthodontic treatment.

Q: What is Phase One (early) treatment?

A: Phase One treatment usually occurs for children between the ages of 7 and 10, and lasts for around 12-21 months. Its primary objective is to identify significant orthodontic problems so that we can prevent them from becoming more severe.

Q: Will my child need full braces if he/she requires Phase One treatment?

A: Even after receiving Phase One treatment, it is safe to assume that your child will likely need full braces later on. The period following Phase One treatment is called the “resting period,” during which growth and tooth eruption are closely monitored, and parents are kept informed of any future treatment recommendations.

Q: Can I wear braces even though I have crowns and missing teeth?

A: Yes! A tooth with a crown will move just like a tooth with a simple filling.

Q: Why should you choose an orthodontic specialist?

A: Orthodontic specialists like Dr. Bedoya are necessary to correct teeth placement and facial alignment. This is because they have extensive and specialized training in the field that enables them to provide their patients with more effective, personalized treatment.

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