Band Color Chooser

Now that you have decided that braces treatment is best for you or your child, it is time for the fun part! Patients now have the option to make braces unique to fit their personalities. Your children will have a blast changing up their colors to fit their mood every time they visit us here at our office. Your friendly Tucson orthodontist, Dr. Marisela Bedoya, provides many colors for your children to get creative and switch things up every once in a while. Feeling confident in braces is a huge goal and our staff is excited to offer a vehicle for customizable and stylish appliances to help your children feel proud about their oral health.

To use the Band Color Chooser, simply select the color you wish to use, and then click on the tooth you want to edit. Mix and match, create patterns and get creative!


To make your brackets all one color, simply choose a color and click “Color All”. If you would like to change the bracket from silver to gold, choose “Brackets” on the right. To reset and pick other colors, click Reset on the upper left. Enjoy making it unique!

Call Your Doctor!

Dr. Bedoya is honored to be the best orthodontist in Tucson for your family. Please give us a call at 520-571-1756 with any questions or make an appointment today. The team here at Doctor Smiles hopes this tool helps your children enjoy their braces treatment and feel confident on their way to a beautiful and healthy smile!