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Introducing Our Newest Technology – The iTero Scanner

In our ongoing quest to offer our patients the very best service and latest available technology, our Tucson orthodontist, Dr. Bedoya and her staff are pleased to announce that beginning in January 2015, we will be using the revolutionary iTero Scanner. This remarkable, advanced technology completely negates the need for messy impressions when being fitted for braces and aligners.

What is the iTero Scanner?

The iTero Scanner is a hand-held device that utilizes advanced technology and techniques to create highly accurate digital images of a patient's mouth while the patient sits back comfortably and relaxes. Instead of having to clench cold, hard, metal trays between the teeth, the patient simply relaxes while the scanner quickly and seamlessly captures highly detailed 3D digital images of the teeth and mouth in a very convenient and mess-free manner. The images captured by the iTero Scanner are much more accurate than impressions made of putty, helping to ensure that the patient receives the best possible treatment outcome which is a smile featuring teeth and jaws in perfect alignment.

The patient can see the 3D model of their mouth on a computer screen during the scanning process. This allows the patient the unique opportunity to view the structure of their teeth and gums like never before. Once the scanning process is over in just a few short minutes, we submit the captured data electronically to a partnering company that makes the orthodontic appliances. This reduces the length of time it takes to make the braces or aligner trays, which means the patient can get started with treatment faster.

The iTero Advantage

There are many benefits associated with the iTero Scanner when compared to traditional putty impressions including:

  • Speed – It only takes a few short minutes to complete a scan using the iTero scanner. Traditional putty impressions are more time-consuming and often need to be re-taken due to accuracy issues.
  • Better Fitting Aligners and Appliances – When used to fit patients with custom Invisalign aligners or appliances, the digital scanner's precision makes aligners and appliances fit better for optimal results.
  • More Comfortable and Convenient – The patient simply sits back and opens their mouth like they would when receiving an ordinary oral exam. The scanning process is safe, stress-free and comfortable.
  • Can Preview their New Smile – The iTero scanning technology allows the patient to see a preview of what their new smile will look like after treatment.
  • Seamless Communication with the Manufacturer – Patients can receive their customized aligners faster because we can seamlessly communicate with the appliance manufacturer in real time.

Visit Our Tucson Orthodontist Today!

The team at Doctor Smiles Orthodontics is very proud and excited to welcome the iTero to their practice. Dr. Bedoya and her team have had professional iTero Scanner training and are looking forward to offering this incredible technology to the patients they serve!

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